Citrus Products

Our zest, pulp & juice products are made from fresh oranges, lemons, limes, and pink grapefruit; these quality ingredients are packed and frozen within hours of being produced, sealing in freshness and flavour. Nothing is added and the pure natural goodness is retained during shelf life refrigeration. All products are free from off odours and artificial taints. Both conventional fruit and organic fruit are processed on site.

Being wholesome our products provide many dietary benefits for those who enjoy true citrus flavours and should be considered as a health boosting ingredient when eaten in a purchased product or added at home to what ever food you fancy!

Only citrus fruits are handled on site and the raw material is internally processed to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of other food types from supplier sites; therefore our products should be free of all sensitive contents, however we cannot guarantee a total absence where presence is due to adventitious contamination within the supply chain.

Raw material origin – We source our citrus fruit from reputable and established supplier chains situated throughout the globe. These suppliers provide assurances that the raw material has not been derived from genetically modified sources. The origin of both the conventional and the organic fruit varies according to the seasons; during our summer months fruit is most likely to be sourced form the southern hemisphere countries, and during our winter months from the northern hemisphere countries.

Citrus fruit


Southern hemisphere

Northern hemisphere


Delta seedless,
Lane late, Midknights, Navels, Valencia

South Africa, Uruguay

Spain, Morocco, Cyprus, Italy


Enterdonat, Eureka, Primofiori, Verna

South Africa, Argentina


Spain, Morocco, Italy, Sicily,



Brazil, Peru



Pink grapefruit

Star ruby

South Africa


Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel



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