Citrus Virtues


So what makes citrus products so special?

Well for a start the whole fruit is worthy, containing compounds that can have a profound effect on health maintenance and disease prevention!

But did you know that the white part of the fruit, which is called the 'albedo' is the most nutrient dense part and is packed full of flavonoids to boost your health, so why not take advantage of this essential food source?

Because citrus fruit contain many beneficial nutrients, eating this type of fruit is said to provide the following benefits:






 • High pectin content - a water fibre

  • Excellent source of antioxidents

  • Rich in fortifying vitamins -
      Generous vitamin C content
      Good source of B vitamins

  • Essential citrus oil

 • Immune boosting powers

 • Strong antiviral & antibacterial properties

 • Help the body to get rid of toxins

 • Remove cell-damaging free radicals

 • Protect the skin from signs of ageing

 • Help to reduce blood cholesterol levels

 • Combat heart disease

 • Act as an anti-inflammatory

 • Maintain blood circulation & promote wound healing

 • Increase the level of toxic-fighting enzymes in the liver

 • Essential for healthy development

 • Improve energy levels

 • Help to suppress hunger pangs for several hours after eating

 • Stimulate the digestive system to promote optimal absorption of nutrients



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