Refrigerated storage

To keep your products tip top store them in the freezer - see frozen expiry date on the product label.

When you want to make use of your citrus ingredients just place them in the fridge to defrost.

So that your citrus ingredients remain fresh they will need to be preserved in the fridge, in their original packaging - see chilled shelf life on the product label.

Alternately you can make your own frozen citrus cubes, then transfer them into a zip lock bag & store in the freezer. Simply remove a cube from the freezer & defrost in the fridge, or microwave & use immediately.

Ordering your frozen or chilled little tubs & bottles -

Your order can be made up from any of our citrus zests & juices with a product weight totalling 1½ kilograms.

Just tell us which products you would like in your parcel box & what day you would like your order to arrive on between Tuesday and Friday. The parcel will need to be signed for & the contents immediately placed in refrigeration.

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