Tasty citrus ideas

Add our citrus zest or juice to your snacks, main meals, & drinks. Here are some suggestions:

Salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes, fish, chicken, jam on toast, puddings, yogurts, smoothies, drinks, etc.

Include citrus ingredients in your kids meals too; try adding lemon to mayonnaise for chicken or tuna sandwiches, mix tiny orange zest crumbs into warm rice pudding, or sprinkle zest onto creamy yogurts!

Other favourites are:

Pancakes with natural lemon zest 'n' juice & honey, porridge oats with orange zest & honey, sweet potatoes with a flavoursome twist of orange. Be adventurous and add our citrus zest & juice to what ever you fancy!

Our citrus ingredients will encourage your family to broaden their palate and benefit from a food full of health boosting goodness.


You can even make your own citrus ice cubes from our chilled pure juices, allowing you to keep a convenient supply of natural juice, in just the right measure & quantity, ready for instant use.

Some drink suggestions are:  

Add a lemon ice cube to hot mineral water for an invigorating lemon tonic, especially first thing in the morning, a short while before your breakfast.

Also drink lemon with hot water when you have a cold, and add a little fruit sugar or honey for a great pick-me-up.

And of course you can add your juice cubes to squash, herbal teas, carbonated drinks such as tonic water, & many alcoholic drinks like gin & tonic, vodka, or home made cocktails.


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