About Zumo Zest

Here at ZumoZest we are a family owned and operated company situated in the Southwest of England. We have been manufacturing citrus ingredients for over 30 years, supplying naturally flavoursome zests, pulps, and juices to our customers directly from our purpose-built site.

We have complete commitment to the provision of our product range ensuring that our customers of any standing within the food industry have our best attention at all times, whether that be related to product enquiries, quality documents, product specifications, or those all-important purchase orders.

Our unique set-up and processing methods are dedicated to fresh citrus fruits only, and we are able to focus on the whole process of manufacture from raw materials to distribution of customer orders with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Our raw materials are sourced from around the world according to the citrus growing seasons. During our wintertime we procure seasonal fruit from countries of the northern hemisphere, but then in summertime we obtain seasonal fruits from countries of the southern hemisphere. We have established relationships with our wholesalers, both here in England and Europe.

Whole citrus fruits are grown in orchards belonging to major citrus industries, who diligently manage their assets for the mutual benefit and continuity of supply.

All suppliers have recognised standing within the global food industry and examples of accreditation are the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA), ISO Accreditation, BRCGS, Organic Certification.

Each lot of raw material is fully traceable to source by its labelling which will include any of the following, a Barcode, a GGN 13-digit number that uniquely identifies each producer and individual member of a producer group in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, or a Traceability number.

Collaboration within the supplier chain is paramount to our efficient operations and meeting purchase order targets. We do everything we can do ensure frozen ingredients remain in stock for our customers, and that specialist ingredients of specific type, such as those from Blood oranges can be made as circumstances allow.




Ruby Grapefruit


Our high spec purpose-built facilities consist of a main processing factory, a large packaging and storage unit, and five sizable refrigeration units. Installed upon the factory roof are 45 Photovoltaic cells generating up to 9.9 kilowatts of renewable energy per hour, supplying both site and local electricity network.

We pride ourselves in the management of our organisation, with well established procedures, highly efficient operations, and excellent hygiene standards.

Long standing diligence has provided us with an excellent historic record of product compliance and customer satisfaction.

Our cohesive and committed team of staff are trained in all aspects of the GMP, as well as achieving RSPH Awards in HACCP and Food Safety.

All onsite processes are carried out under strict monitoring controls, to include raw material inspections and disinfection, metal detection, calibration, and packaging conformity.