Citrus ingredients

We have gained much experience in the handling of whole citrus fruits and the production of quality ingredients, supplying our customers with wholesome, natural ingredients manufactured without adding any further food substances such as artificial flavourings, additives, and preservatives!

From our range, you can decide on what type of ingredient you require to enhance your product:




Whole natural fruits    1. Products from waxed fruit have traces of pesticides & preservatives No added food substances
GMO free    2. Products from unwaxed fruit have traces of pesticides only Unadulterated
Allergen free    3. Products from organic fruit are sourced & manufactured to certified organic standards Fresh-frozen
Raw material Product Orange Lemon Lime Ruby grapefruit
1. Waxed fruit Zest
2. Unwaxed fruit Wax Free Zest x
Wax Free Pulp x
Wax Free Juice x
3. Organic fruit Organic Zest By request By request
Organic Pulp By request By request
Organic Juice By request By request

We also make to order ingredients from other citrus types such as Blood oranges, Seville oranges, Clementine’s, and Sicilian lemons.

Vegan Ingredients

Both wax free and organic ingredients are suitable for a vegan diet.

Conventional versus Organic

For the ultimate unadulterated ingredient, our certified organic citrus is superior in its own right. Permitted to be grown with natural fertilizers only (composts, manure, meals), organic-approved herbicides, and naturally derived pesticides, the consumer of organic ingredients can be assured that they are eating a healthier food without detrimental effect upon the environment, fauna, and flora, and one’s own health.

Quality Assurance

Our high standards of care and internal monitoring system ensures we continuously maintain and produce safe and desirable ingredients for our customers. Whilst whole fruits are routinely selected for pesticide analysis, our end ingredients are randomly chosen for microbiological testing at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Citrus Zests

As standard, zests are manufactured in either strips or crumbs, however, by request we can also supply long strips. Individual bagged weights held in stock are either 0.5kg or 2.0kg, lesser or greater quantities are available upon request

Strips – Lemon

Crumbs – Pink Grapefruit

Strips – Lime

Long strips – Orange

Manufactured from the outer layer of peel, our fine quality zests contain the fruit’s essential aromatic oils along with a minimum layer of pith – the albedo – which is packed full of super-flavonoids

Citrus Pulps and Juices

Purely extracted and completely natural

Individual container volumes held in stock are either 0.5 litre or 5.0 litre, other volumes are available upon request

Orange Pulp

0.5 litre bottles

Lemon Juice

Citrus Pulp

Made by extracting the ‘pulp vesicles’ from the inside of the whole fruit. Our processing method produces a pulp thicker in texture than a juice and may include the slight bitter taste of peel with a typical citrus flavour.

Citrus Juices

Made by removing the liquid from the fruit, producing a fresh, fine quality juice without taint.

Pink Grapefruit Juice

Lime Pulp

Customer orders

How can we help you?  Call 01761 470523 or use the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

Purchase orders – From day of manufacture, all our ingredients are safely stored frozen onsite and have a shelf-life of up to two years. This enables us to release orders promptly to customers. However, should we not have the product you require in stock, or you require a bespoke product; we will do our best to get your order made and dispatched to you as soon as possible.

Product samples – Upon request New Trade Customers are welcome to our free product samples of choice ingredients.

Order sizes – Range from household mini-packs containing a kilogram or wholesale up to a thousand kilograms or more in one dispatch. Bulk orders are transported refrigerated.

Order packaging – We pack your order in the best way possible in bespoke insulated boxes to keep it frozen during overnight transit.

Delivery – Distributed throughout the UK to both trade and home customers. Orders are sent by overnight courier service with a track and trace facility, or by mutual agreement via refrigerated haulier. Alternatively, you can arrange to collect your order directly from our site.

Product storage – To maintain long term shelf life store your ingredients frozen – see frozen expiry date on the product label. To defrost your ingredients ready for use, simply place them in the cold room or fridge. To preserve your defrosted and opened ingredients put them into a sealed container remaining in chilled storage for temporary safe keep.

Conditions of sale

  • New Trade Customers will be required to complete an application of business form.
  • Customer orders are delivered by courier from Tuesday to Thursday. Same day orders need to be received by midday!
  • At the discretion of the company payment for goods may be requested at time of ordering.
  • Credit terms for purchase orders are due by 14 days from the date of invoice.

Methods of payment – Payment can be via BACS, debit, or credit card.